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Title: Day Off
Writer: SailorShipper
Pairing: Maraich/Bancoran.
A/N: Almost pure fluff, because there needs to be more with these two. Now with new improved beta reading by Mistina60
Rating: R for naughty bits.

Maraich awoke to the sensation of a hand pushing his long hair to one side. It was soon replaced by soft lips that gently brushed the back of his neck and moved slowly along his back.  With a shiver Maraich buried his face into one of the many soft silk pillows.

"Ban, that tickles." His voice was husky and then squeaked as he felt Bancoran lick a particularly sensitive spot.

There was a slight rustling sound and Maraich felt warm breath ghost across his ear.

"I'll just have to do something else then, won't I?"  Bancoran's tone was teasing as he nibbled then licked along Maraich's ear.

Maraich shuddered and closed his eyes, giving into the sensations that his talented lover was creating.


"Not that I'm complaining, but what brought that on?" Maraich was lying on his back, his long curly hair a wild blanket around his sated body.

Normally at this time Bancoran was rushing to get ready for work. Instead the dark haired man was still lying next to Maraich with a smug look on his face.

"You know I can never get enough of you." Bancoran teased, running one finger playfully down Maraich's chest. "That, and I was able to manage to convince the Chief I needed at least one day off. Things have been quiet enough recently that they could actually spare me for once."

Maraich shivered again at the caress and he looked up into Bancoran's eyes. Catching the wondering hand in his own slim fingers Maraich brought it up to his lips. This time it was Bancoran's turn to shiver as Maraich playfully licked and nipped at each well manicured finger.

"If you keep that up we'll never even leave the bed." Bancoran warned his voice husky with lust.

"Just one more time, love." Maraich grinned wickedly at his lover as he released Bancoran's hand. "I have you to myself all day and I want to make the best of it."


Maraich emerged from the bedroom with a very relaxed grin on his face. He was looking forward to the day and had dressed up especially to spend it with his lover. As always, Maraich's long mane of red hair moved gracefully about his body. The only difference was that the locks that normally obscured one eye had been pulled back. Maraich was dressed in a baby blue vest that left just enough of his chest exposed to be tantalizing but still leave plenty to imagination. Around his neck was a small choker that was inlaid with a sparkling emerald that matched the color of his eyes. His silver pants were tight enough to show the slimness of his legs but still flared out near the bottom.

"Are you alright, Ban?" Maraich looked at his lover in concern. Bancoran seemed to have forgotten how to speak and looked like he was about to swallow his cigarette.

Bancoran nodded once, swallowed, coughed into his hand and then offered an arm to Maraich. With a gentle smile Maraich linked his arm with Bancoran's and then rested his head on his lover's wide shoulders.


Bancoran took two ice cream cones with a nod of thanks. The girl behind the cart was looking at him with a combination of admiration for his looks and envy for his long flowing black hair. As Bancoran walked back to where he had left Maraich sitting on a shaded park bench he had to shoot another man a warning glance. He didn't quite like how the fellow was looking at his Maraich, not that the fellow looked like much of a threat. Still it never hurt to be careful no matter how loyal Maraich was. After all Bancoran couldn't help his own wandering eye and sometimes worried that Maraich would eventually have had enough and move on.

Maraich was completely unaware of Bancoran's short moment of unease, or even the fact he had drawn another person's attention. Leaning back against a tree, he laughed at the antics of two squirrels that seemed determined to win an all out war over a bit of bread someone had dropped. Maraich's eyes shone with delight as he watched the two of them chatter at each other, wrestle a bit then dart away.

Bancoran found himself captivated also, though not by fighting squirrels. It was rare to see Maraich this carefree, as if nothing could touch him. For a short moment Bancoran wondered if it would be better for Maraich to be without him, but quickly shook it off. He couldn't be without the young man, despite the bursts of jealous rage and the tendency to take out his anger with knives. Bancoran was just as attached to Maraich as Maraich was to him, if only the boy could see that.

The squirrel war was lost when a bird dove down and snatched the fought after bread. Both squirrels looked up after their lost prize and then scampered off. Maraich brought a hand up to cover his mouth as he laughed at the crazy antics, then grinned as he saw Bancoran walk forward.

"Thank you Ban," Maraich was still grinning as he took the offered treat.

Bancoran sat down next to his lover and simply watched him daintily eat the ice cream. In the leaf dimmed light Maraich's hair shown enticingly and his pale skin had such a lovely glow to it. Bancoran once again found himself entranced.

"Might want to eat that before it melts." Maraich warned his voice low and teasing.

Bancoran looked down at the ice cream cone and saw that already it was starting to drip towards his tan gloves. With a look of embarrassment and a muttered curse he quickly lapped out the escaping dribbles before they could stain his nice gloves.

"You've been acting odd all day." Maraich was no longer laughing; instead he had a worried look in his large blue eyes. "You seem so distracted."

"It's nothing to worry about." Bancoran quickly assured him, fearing a knife throwing outbreak followed by yelled accusations. "I just happen to enjoy admiring you."

Maraich gave him a look, then a shove.

"You don't have to put the charm on for me." He accused.  "I'm not one of those pretty boys you feel it necessary to chase after."

"I've told you before you're the only one for me." Bancoran was worried that he might have to start running soon. He didn't think Maraich was armed, but one could never tell. "You trust me with your life, please trust me with this." Bancoran was using his power. He knew it was unfair, but honestly, he didn't know what else to do.

Maraich seemed to calm down then and he once again rested his head on Bancoran's shoulder.

"You're right," He finally admitted defeat. "I just don't want to lose you."

"We both have pasts." Bancoran gently reminded him and pressed a soft kiss to his hair. "Just remember that they don't matter. What does matter is what we are together now. "

Bancoran gently placed a finger under Maraich's chin and lifted his head up so that their eyes met. Silently he begged for understanding. There was so much that he couldn't put into words. Unlike Maraich, Bancoran was so much better at keeping his emotions hidden and even now he didn't think he could bring himself to say so much, all he could do was hope the boy could understand just how much of his heart Bancoran had given away.

Maraich's eyes seemed to show his own acceptance and he pursed his lips in a silent invitation. Bancoran was only too happy to accept it. As Bancoran moved down Maraich lifted his head and their lips met in a soft kiss. Tasting the sweetness of the ice cream mixed with that of Maraich, Bancoran deepened the kiss, expressing everything he couldn't bring himself to say.


After a nice dinner they slowly strolled back to the apartment they shared. From time to time Maraich would run ahead to inspect something in a window that caught his eye. He would look with wide eyed fascination before turning back to Bancoran with a large smile.

Bancoran's expression softened at the sight. Times like this made the fights, the accusations and even the need to duck sharp objects worth it. Maraich was striking to begin with, but when he moved like that, carefree and at ease he was heartbreakingly beautiful.

"Don't get too far away." Bancoran warned, his voice gentle as he spoke. "Someone might see you and try and snatch you away from me."

"You know I wouldn't let them." Maraich reminded him with a laugh. True enough. Even when Maraich did get into trouble most of the time he got himself right out of it again. "It's a lovely night. Let's just enjoy it."

Maraich turned to face Bancoran again and held out his hand to the older man.

"Dance with me." His eyes seemed to glow in the lamp light.

"But love, there is no music." Bancoran gently chided him.

"So?" Maraich shrugged, his hair flowing over his shoulder as he did so.  "We don't need it."

Again he held out his hand and Bancoran gave a sigh of resignation. For someone who had been through so much in his young life, Maraich could be such a hopeless romantic at times. Bancoran took Maraich's hand and pulled his young lover close to his chest. For a moment they just stood there and enjoyed the closeness.  Bancoran started to move and waltzed with his young lover, his nose buried in that long hair as they moved under a streetlamp.


Back at their apartment, Maraich almost fell asleep as soon as his head hit the soft pillows. After their dance Bancoran had led them back home. A warm scented bath had been accompanied by sweet wine and even sweeter kisses that had followed.  Though today had lacked the normal excitement that seemed to follow them, Maraich was still worn out, so much so that he almost didn't notice when Bancoran pulled back the covers and slid in next to him.

"You alright, love?" the older man's voice was gentle as he moved to nuzzle his lover's hair.

"Sorry, just sleepy." Maraich yawned so suddenly he didn't even have time to cover his mouth. Looking embarrassed, he rolled to face Bancoran.

"Just rest, love." Bancoran gave him a knowing look and gently cupped his cheek.  

Maraich nuzzled against Bancoran's strong chest to hide yet another yawn. His eyes drifted closed again and this time they didn't flutter back open. Looking down at his sleeping lover, Bancoran gave a slight smile. Yes, Maraich was definitely worth all of the trouble. With one last kiss to the young man's forehead Bancoran pulled Maraich against his body and also drifted off to sleep.
Just rare fluff, this time with beta read by Mistina60
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